Message from Society President

Dr. Bonnie Wong

President Message

Dear all,

It is my pleasure and honour to serve as the President of the Hong Kong Society for HIV Medicine (HKSHM) for the term 2023-2025. I must start with expressing my sincere gratitude to Professor Shui Shan Lee, founding president of HKSHM and Dr. Man Po Lee, president for the term 2019-2023 and all council members and and subcommittee members for the dedication in laying a strong foundation for the Society since its inauguration in 2016 and striving through the challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Society has resumed conducting our educational programmes in face-to-face as well as in hybrid mode as we got back to normalcy since early 2023, facilitating more interactive and fruitful exchange between our guest speakers and participants. During this term, HKSHM will continue to uphold its responsibility as a professional society to advance knowledge and practice of HIV medicine not only to healthcare professionals, but also to community stakeholders and members of the public. We will further disseminate the message of U=U (Undetectable equals untransmittable) with an aim to empower PLHIV to take charge of their own health, and at the same time, using the evidence-based science behind the message to help combat the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV infection, a disease entity which has transformed itself from a death sentence to now a chronic manageable condition, thanks to the advances in medicine in the past four decades.

I take pride to share with you the current term of Council that comprises of experts with an even more diverse professional background, all coming together with a view to build new connections and consolidate existing collaborative efforts between different disciplines and sectors involved in the care of people with, or those at risk of, HIV.

While we witness a continuous decline in the newly reported HIV cases since its peak in 2015, we must not be complacent but should instead, remain vigilant against the challenges laying ahead of us: the unchanged rates of late diagnosis, the persistence of stigma and discrimination, and the syndemic of STIs, viral hepatitis, HIV, substance use, and mental health issues, to name a few.

It is our wish that the Society can serve as a catalyst to converge the interests and efforts by different stakeholders in the field to facilitate sharing and exchanges, and to advocate quality HIV care and prevention in our locality.

Dr. Bonnie Wong